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Established in 2011 we were one of the first Specialty coffee shops in the North of England.

We are a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCA), a coffee training school and an Authorised Trainer for the SCA (AST). This means we provide a structured and internationally recognised coffee skills programme which we back up with certification allowing students to sit written examinations as well as assessing practical skills.

If it isn't convenient for you to attend our training school, we can come to your premises subject the equipment that you have available.

We can travel virtually anywhere in the world and can tailor make training to suit your specific needs.

If you are an existing Speciality Coffee Shop and you have the necessary space available, we can work together whereby we travel to you and conduct training courses to your own staff and / or customers on your premises giving them full SCA certification if required.

The specific areas in which can help are as follows;

Introduction & Background to Coffee - this is essential learning and background information including history, varieties, processing methods etc.

Barista Skills - here we cover all the practical skills necessary in order to be able to extract espresso correctly, texture milk correctly and create latte art. The are levels from Foundation through to Professional. As a shop owner, you may wish to have much more in depth knowledge than your baristas initially in which case you may choose to complete all levels in time.

Sensory Skills - here we learn about sensory evaluation, that is, the way we perceive what we taste, how to evaluate the natural characteristics of coffee and how to implement this knowledge in the coffee shop, as a coffee lover or professionally as a coffee roaster.

Brewing Skills - non espresso based coffee, or manual filter brewing is seeing much more demand and is an important aspect of the specialty coffee shop. Achieving the best balance of acidity, sweetness and body is crucial in getting the best from your beans, but crucally it takes knowhow.

How to Open a Coffee Shop - this course is theory based aimed at the new business start up and is specific to the UK market. Read more about this course here

Please note that we are unable to offer business consultancy to businesses outside the UK due to the inherent differences in the way financial and legal systems operate across borders. In this instance we are only able to offer practical certified coffee / barista / sensory / brewing training.

At present we do not offer consultancy on coffee roasting. If you planning to start a specialty coffee roasting business, you would be advised to first start with the Introduction to Coffee, then follow with Barista Skills, then Sensory. Following this, we suggest Brewing, Green Coffee and finally the Roasting module.

Your AST Trainer, Neil is a holder of the SCA Coffee Diploma.

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