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SCA Sensory Skills Training Courses

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SCA Sensory Skills Courses

Our Sensory Skills Foundation through to Professional courses
(coffee sommellier course) can be accredited to the SCA Specialty Coffee Association Coffee Diploma. Read more about the SCA Coffee Diploma

Sensory Skills Foundation - from £240. Awaken your senses and begin a journey of taste and aroma in the incredibly complex world of specialty coffee. This course exposes the student to difference between specialty and non specialty coffee and introduces the concept of sensory analysis. Distinguish between acidity and bitterness, experience body and begin to train your taste buds.

Sensory Skills Intermediate - from £460. Taking your senses to the next level, this course enables the student to apply the concepts of scensory science to analyse aroma, taste and body differences in coffee. We will set up a cupping table, follow the cupping protocol and look closely at sensory attributes and analysis with a variety of test situations as we explore our gustation and olfaction systems.

Sensory Skills Professional - from £650. - Here we go into greater detail as we look at the anatomy and physiology of sensations and the neurological pathway. There will be lots of cupping, with an in depth analysis of the cupping protocol and we learn to complete the SCAA Cupping Form with great accuracy and attention to detail. We look at errors, defects and taints and the effects of oxidisation. We will also cover lab environment conditions and much more. This is the stepping stone to the intense Q Grader course.

We are one of very few coffee schools that currently offer Sensory coffee training. We therefore serve the North West of England covering Liverpool, Manchester, the Midlands, Wales, Lancashire and Ireland.

Why learn Sensory Skills?

Many of our students join our Sensory courses purely out of the love and interest in coffee. They would like to better understand the varying characteristics of coffee, how geography and terroir affects the taste, how altitude affects the taste, what the different taste components of coffee are and how to begin to identify them and be able to start to describe the natural characteristics of coffee.

There are also those who already run specialty coffee shops or are planning to open specialty coffee shops. These people are serious about coffee and want to start to build a knowledge of the sensory aspects, be able to converse with their customers about it and help them in their coffee buying decision making.

Increasingly, we are seeing more and more people coming into coffee roasting. Roasting coffee, is perhaps the most difficult field of coffee. It requires lots of skill, attention to detail, lots of research and lots of investment in order to become recognised as a reputable specialty roaster. Of course it stands to reason that any roaster must have a good level of barista skills but also, a roaster must have sensory awareness in order to be able know what they want to achieve from the roast and subsequently know how to create a roast profile to achieve those desired results and then be able to accuratly describe the sensory aspects of the completed product. This inevitably requires a lot of practice.

Our Sensory Skills courses are the stepping stone to Q Grader certification. A Q Grader is a certified person (by the CQI) in assessing the quality of Arabica coffee and as such is able to attribute an SCA quality score to it thus determining whether it qualifies as specialty coffee or non specialty coffee and subsequently describing the sensory attributes of that coffee. This is a prestigious qualification and opens doors to lots of employment opportunities in the world of specialty coffee.


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