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SCA Sensory Foundation Training Course

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SCA Sensory Foundation Course

Our Sensory courses awaken your senses of smell and taste. The foundation course is where we awaken your senses on a journey of the wonderful world of coffee, learning the first steps of fragrance, aroma and taste. Coffee is incredibly complex. The vast variety of beans of different origins, the processing methods and the roasting techniques used means no two beans are the same. Coffee has unique taste, fragrance and aroma characteristics, varying levels of acidity and body and many potential defects leading to huge variances in the cup.

Course Content

  • Awakening your senses
  • Understanding how we taste and smell via our olfaction and gustatory system
  • Identifying raw ingredients
  • Differentiating and identifying core tastes and aromas
  • Learning how to differentiate coffee beans according to processing methods
  • Solutions tasting
  • Sensory analysis & evaluation
  • The cupping protocol

With the Sensory Foundation course you have to OPTION of sitting a written SCA examination at the end of the course as well as being asessed on practical elements throughout the course.

Fees (including vat):



Points towards SCA Diploma: 5

1 Day. A light lunch is included or you may do your own thing.

Students: 3

Requirements: Completing the Introduction to Coffee is preferred as it would make sense to have this knowledge beforehand. You may be tested on your knowledge of the Introduction to Coffee within the sensory written exam so this information will be assumed to be held.

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