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Roasting Skills Course

If you are planning to become a coffee roaster, we would suggest that before embarking on our roasting module, you first complete the Introduction to Coffee to ensure you have a good background knowledge of some of the basics of coffee and it's complexities.

Introduction to Roasting

Please Note: Our Introduction to Roasting course currently cannot be accredited. There is therefore no formal written examination as part of this course.

We will be using a small sample roaster in this course.

Course Content

  • We will look first of all at why we roast coffee.
  • The mechanics of a roasting machine.
  • What the typical roast cycle consists of.
  • Controlling temperature and time.
  • Creating a roast profile.
  • Moisture & density of coffee.
  • Stages of roast development.
  • Tracking and logging the roast.
  • Health & Safety.

Fees (including vat):


Approx 6 hours. A light lunch is included.

Students: 2

Requirements: None, but completing the Introduction to Coffee is preferred and it would make sense to have this knowledge before embarking on the roasting course.

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