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SCA Introduction to Coffee

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SCA Introduction to Coffee

If you are just starting out on a career in coffee, this is where you should start, you will be given a background to coffee, you will be tasting quite a few different varieties of coffee / coffee tasting, looking at different brew methods and you will learn the some of the basic principles of filter coffee and espresso.

  • First of all we will introduce Specialty Coffee - What is it exactly?
  • We will look at the origins and geography of coffee
  • Introduce the different species and varieties of coffee and how they differ as well as the shelf life of coffee and how to best store it
  • We will introduce you to growing, harvesting, processing and their impact on taste and quality
  • Espresso blends, single origins and microlots
  • We will touch on the core elements of roasting and the important role this plays
  • We introduce you to some brewing methods - espresso & manual filter and the differences together with some important guidlines to follow
  • You will experience a cupping excercise and learn the basics of how coffee is assessed
  • You will be tasting lots of coffee!

As with most of our courses, if you are chossing to have the course accredited, please bring a pen and pad in order to make notes throughout.

With the Introduction to Coffee course you have to OPTION of sitting a short written SCA examination at the end of the course. There is no practical assessment on this course.

Fees (including vat):



Points towards SCA Diploma: 10

1/2 day

Students: 4

Requirements: None apart from you really ought to love coffee and be prepared to taste it!

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