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Brewing Skills Courses

SCA Brewing Skills Foundation - from £180. Get to grips with the basics of brewing. Here we are dealing with non espresso filter brewing i.e. atmospheric pressure / gravity operated coffee filtration. Perfect for the home brew addict or anyone working with filter brewing in a coffee shop. We introduce the v60, siphon, aeropress, clever dripper, nitro cold brew etc.

SCA Brewing Skills Intermediate - from £380. Take your skills to the next level as we scientifically measure our extraction in brewing. We look at roast level variance, temperature manipulation, cold brew, water science and more....

SCA Brewing Skills Professional - from £450. We will explore grind profiling and sieving, roast manipulation and solubility changes. Strength & extraction, water quality and flavour. We analyse in detail what happens and why when we manipulate and control the variables at our disposal.








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