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SCA Brewing Skills Professional Training Course

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SCA Brewing Skills Professional Course

With the Brewing Skills Professional course you have to OPTION of sitting a written SCA examination at the end of the course (you will also be asessed on some practical elements).

Fees (including vat):


ACCREDITED (existing SCA member) £625

ACCREDITED (non SCA member): £675

Points towards SCA Diploma: 25

Accredited 2.5 Days / Non Accredited 2 days. A light lunch is included or you may do your own thing.

Students: 3

Requirements: If you have just completed the Intermediate level, there should be a 3 month break before you take the Professional level to allow you to learn and develop the practical skills from the Foundation and Intermediate levels. You should therefore be working in a coffee shop environment between completing the Intermediate and starting the Professional level or at least have access to the necessary equipment to ensure you have regular practice.

Course Content

  • Water chemistry
  • Water filtration
  • Managing the variables of the bean, its freshness, roast, grind, water and recipe
  • Water flow control
  • Temperature
  • Acids
  • Aroma & taste and theyre durability

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SCA Brewing Training Courses
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