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We offer a comprehensive training course should you be considering opening a new specialty coffee shop / coffee house / cafe, perhaps incorporating a coffee business alongside an existing business, are an existing coffee shop in need of direction or perhaps need to improve your coffee service as part of a pub or restaurant.

This course can include the Introduction to Coffee & Barista Skills Foundation training modules. If you are planning to open a coffee shop, we strongly advise that you consider taking this course rather than just the practical barista training element particularly if you have no prior business experience.

Inevitably you will make mistakes initially and it's these mistakes we want to help you to avoid. We have first hand knowledge together with a strong background in retail, business development and marketing.

We are SCA / SCAE trained to Professional level and are an Authorised SCA Training School (AST Trainer).

We are a member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) now the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) and strive for coffee excellence.

Our coffee shop training course will arm you with everything you need to know about the speciality coffee shop business putting you in the best position possible in advance of opening your new business.

And perhaps best of all, we are a real working specialty coffee shop, not a general business consultancy who actually don't have first hand specific experience.

We do not have coffee equipment to sell to you, we do not roast and sell coffee beans, i.e. we have no reason to only tell you all the positives about opening a coffee shop, we also highlight the realities and perhaps some difficulties you may encounter.

People come to train with us from all over the world from a variety of backgrounds opening coffee shops, mobile units, cafes, ice cream parlours, restaurants, patisseries and more. So if you are looking for training for running a coffee shop, read on...

On the 'How to Open a Coffee Shop" course we will cover;

  • Business planning, format and location (FREE comprehensive bespoke business plan template with infrastructure suitable for banks and investors, giving you a head start and saving you a considerable amount of time)
  • Weighing up opposing location / premises options i.e. low rent & low footfall versus high rent and high footfall
  • Product offering and differentiation
  • Identifying your customers
  • Premises, shop layouts and atmospherics
  • Set-up costs - building works, fixtures & fittings, equipment, initial stock and ongoing overheads
  • Rent, rates, planning, contracts, solicitors and legalities
  • In depth financials, VAT, pricing, sales forecasting and tax
  • Environmental health & safety and how to ensure you get a 5 star food hygiene rating and keep it. Coffee shop legal requirements
  • The food offering
  • Human resources, processes, contracts, pay, holidays, national insurance and pensions
  • Customer service
  • Utilities
  • Marketing, differentiation & launch
  • Business development
  • PLUS ...a full range of bespoke documents and financial templates (including a barista training manual for those taking the practical courses) to put you on the right track and help you get started giving you the assurance of knowing you are well equipped to make better informed decisions and thus take the business forward.

...and of course practical coffee / barista training to ensure you and your staff have the ability to create outstanding coffee as opposed to poor or just average coffee.

The Introduction to Coffee & The Barista Skills Foundation course is included as the barista training element. These practical courses may also be SCA accredited contributing to the SCA Coffee Diploma if you wish. To have them accredited, you will have the option of sitting a written exam at the end of each of the practical courses (additional certification fee shown below). Read more about SCA accreditation.

No coffee shop should trade without barista training. It is worth noting that the vast majority of coffee shops are serving extremely poor and inconsistent coffee. With independents it's often unknowingly and out of ignorance. With chains, it's largely incidentally where the focus is about increasing revenue and profitability at the expense of quality.

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There are many ways of minimising your costs / overheads that will be brought to your attention that will potentially save you £1,000's in your first year and indeed on an ongoing basis.

Duration & Cost

This is a 2.5 day course (i.e. 1 day theory and 1.5 days practical) for 1 person, as a couple or 4 people max. The course is very comprehensive and goes into a good level of detail.

Refreshments and lunch are provided on the theory day and the full day practical.

The theory day and the practical days can be done simultaneously or spread out to suit according to your preferences.

The theory day is always one to one allowing you to ask specific questions and thus enabling a one to one tailored discussion. On the practical days, there are likely to be other people training with you. This is a great opportunity to potentially meet like minded people who maybe at a similar stage to yourself.

FEES (including vat)

Theory + Introduction to Coffee + Barista Skills Foundation

1 person: £610

ACCREDITED (Introduction to Coffee + Barista Skills Foundation)

1 person: £725


THEORY ONLY - 1 full day. It excludes any practical training and is ideal for those looking to open a coffee shop but may have considerable existing barista experience and skill and thus only require direction on the business side.


1 person: £350 (theory only £100 extra per person)

A £50 non refundable deposit is required once a training date has been agreed. The deposit is transferable should you need to change your training day providing you give us written 72 hours notice. Please note that booking dates are not secured until a deposit payment has been received.

Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date. Once your date is confirmed, you can make a deposit payment below.

NB: If you are new to coffee, try not to make any decisions regarding equipment purchases until you have completed the course as inevitably you may head down the wrong path.

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We are able to travel to you to conduct theory training in situ (and barista training providing of course you have the necessary equipment). Please enquire.

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Contact us to arrange a booking date.

On the "Opening a coffeee shop course" we will cover topics such as;

  • opening a cafe legal requirements
  • opening a coffee shop cost
  • how to run a coffee shop
  • starting a coffee shop business checklist
  • what is a specialty coffee shop
  • what equipment is needed to open a coffee shop
  • how do you open a cafe
  • how much money does it take to open a coffee shop
  • how to start a coffee shop business plan
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