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Established in 2011 and providing barista training since 2012, we are a member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) / Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and strive for coffee excellence.

Learn how to create expertly textured milk on our latte art training courses. To create good latte art the milk must be textured appropriately, we call this texture of milk microfoam i.e. bubbles that are so small they are barely visible. If bubbles are too big and loose, the drink won't feel and look velvety and textured to drink. Equally, it will be difficult or impossible to create latte art. We create latte art on every drink that contains milk, not just latte.

This course is suitable for existing baristas who, as yet may be unable to create microfoamed milk or simply have not received any free pour latte art training, or simply for complete beginners.

It should be noted that this course does not cover any advice or specific training on espresso. If you require training in this area then you need the Barista Skills Foundation or Fundamentals of Espresso and Barista Basics course first.

This course covers how to texture milk appropriately, how to pour, and how to achieve latte art - the Heart, the Rosetta and the Tulip. You will have the opportunity to make and drink lots of latte, cappuccino & flat white using our fabulous La Marzocco GB5 or La Marzocc Linea PB, Nuova Simonelli Mythos grinder and speciality coffee beans. We are now also proud to serve Barista milk. Our Barista milk comes from an independent farm, from a herd of Jersey cows which gives us not only consistency but a superior textured, naturally sweeter drink.

Students should bear in mind that the ability to create good milk texture is often achieved by many students pretty quickly. However, achieving good milk texture consistently does require a little practice so this course is the starting point. The knowledge you will gain will allow you to go on and continue practising to develop your milk texturing and latte art skills further.

This course is also suitable for those who may have some limited exprerience / knowledge of latte art and are therefore wishing to continue to practice using our equipment.

Our latte art courses are conducted by Emese

WARNING: this course may be fun!

Duration: 2.5 hours

Class Size: 1-4

Requirements: None, but it would be sensible to have completed the Barista Skills Foundation or Fundamentals of Espresso and Barista Basics course, have some existing basic barista skills or have an espresso machine at home.

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£75 per person (including VAT)


£100 per couple


£150 per group of 3


£195 per group of 4.

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