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How to Open a Coffee Shop & Barista Training Reviews

Recent clients share their thoughts about their training...

The best training outside of London. Very high standard of training and very informative for opening your own caffe, would recommend to anyone aiming to get into the industry. Coffee is the best you will find. And the trainer will teach how how to make it to that standard.
James P, Cheshire

I have been lucky enough to attend two training courses at Caffe & Co this year, both were fantastic and also meant that I got to sample and drink lots of the great coffee that Neil serves.
If you want to know more about coffee/running a coffee shop business this is definitely the right place to come.
(And for any Flat White fans/Australians out there - finally a place that has got it right!)
Sarah B, Australia

Gill and I would like to say how much we enjoyed the “Fundamentals of Espresso and Barista Basics” course last week. We both found it fascinating and learnt so much that night. It was obvious to us that you have a great passion for speciality coffee and your enthusiasm has inspired us to try and create the perfect cup of coffee at home. We would highly recommend anyone interested in good coffee to take this course.
Gill & Tony Burns, Lytham

We had a fantastic experience on the two-day 'How to start a coffee shop' course. Neil really knows his stuff and went through every single aspect of starting a coffee shop with us, covering start-up finances, day to day costs, management of staff, and every other aspect you can possibly think of. He even looked over our business plan for us which made us feel a lot more confident about it. The barista training day was brilliant - we learnt so much, and we thought we knew coffee well! We've come to appreciate good coffee and how it's made a whole lot more. Thanks Neil, a fantastic course. Highly recommend it if you're considering opening your own place.
Mr & Mrs Stevens, Cheshire

We were doing our best to find our way through the maze of requirements as we work towards starting up a coffee shop in our local area.  We are so glad that we signed up for this course with Caffe & Co.  The day itself flew by, and has provided us with all the information and practical knowledge we need to get on with our plans for the future.  Neil was very happy to answer any of our questions, from finances and business plans to staffing and equipment. Best of all, the day itself was also a great deal of fun.  The time we spent with Neil thinking and learning about the many different angles of a coffee shop start up was well worth the course fee and I would highly recommend it for anyone considering such a venture. I’d also say don’t wait, take the course sooner, rather than later!
Revd Philbrick, South Wales

It was a delight to share in Caffe & Co.'s passion for coffee. I found the course so interesting the time flew by. I learned so much about how to make a good Espresso coffee and was captivated by all the nuances of coffee making, particularly things such as the importance of the ground coffee particles and the tamping, all of which I had taken so much for granted before. I thoroughly enjoyed the two hours, so much so that I have now acquired an espresso making machine and am slowly putting into practice, with the aid of the comprehensive training manual, all the things that they taught so well, and with very promising results.  I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone. It would make an ideal Christmas or birthday present.
David Harrison, Cheshire

Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking training evening. It was also a great opportunity to use your La Marzocco espresso machine. As a result, I have made quite a few changes to the way I have been making coffee with improved consistency and quality - a great result.
Jeremy Knibbs, North Wales

Fantastic course, very informative, hands-on and useful. This course was exactly what i was looking for and is suitable for anyone whether you want to learn how to make a great espresso or are looking for a complete change in career. Can't wait to put into practise what i've learnt.
Anne Hughes, Liverpool

Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge…..As well as the hands on practical stuff the course provided a some really good background information on the raw product from the bush to the cup as well as the highs and lows of frothing and foaming different milks.  The course has provided the necessary boost in Caths’ confidence so that she can now comfortably get to grips with our grinder and coffee machine. Personally having learnt the steps that will be needed to dial in our grinder and coffee machine as well as knocking some of the rough edges of my technique, my knowledge has taken a significant step forward (proving that there is only so much you can learn from the internet J ).  The course has provided sufficient knowledge for me to analyse the poor shots that I might pull, determine what may have gone wrong as well as the knowledge and confidence to make the necessary adjustments to put it right.
Paul Fuller, Lancashire

Your ‘Fundamentals of Espresso and Barista Basics’ course that I attended was enlightening, informative and just as importantly, good fun. It was great to be guided by a professional to understand what it all means and how it should be done. The opportunity to listen, discuss and then have plenty of hands-on tuition was an excellent way to learn and improve. To all those who agree that life’s too short for bad coffee – you should do this course.
Ian Greener, North Wales

I genuinely found the course to be all I had hoped for, in particular the practical elements involved in making the the most popular coffees. Whilst I would need to perfect these by regular repetition, I did come away feeling that I understood all the basics of the machinery & steps required to achieve a good standard of varying coffee drinks. I felt at ease with your approach & tutoring skills and feel so much more confident having experienced a new skill set which hopefully may lead to an opening in a coffee shop. Thank you again for the friendly & professional manner in which you conducted this course.
Julia Rankin, Wirral

I really enjoyed the course last Sunday and what you showed me has improved my coffee making no end. Turning out great espressos with a good crema regularly. Only problem is I am now addicted to cortados and am twitching and wired!
Jonathan, St Helens, Merseyside

As an international aid worker helping coffee farmers in developing countries, it was important to understand what was happening at the other end of the coffee chain. Just how was the final roasted bean being handled and delivered to the connoisseur in the UK’s café’s and coffee outlets? Well, I can genuinely say that I could not have had a better, more thoughtful and expert barista training than I had at Caffé & Co. From the very start the instruction was well prepared and very detailed. Time, care and an infectious enthusiasm for everything to do with coffee was conveyed. The whole experience was truly excellent.
Development Director – Rural Enterprise Development Co-Operatives (REDC)

Thank you for the great course, it was far better than I expected it to be! This ‘barista basics and fundamentals’ course was so good that immediately I decided I wanted to become a professional barista. Now I am a barista. I recommend the course also for those who own their own, bar or restaurant, because nothing can help to retain their customers as much as a good coffee.

Follow-up testimonial from Miklós 6 months later:

"Before I met with Neil, and finished his barista course, I thought that making espresso based drinks were just simply pour together espresso and differently textured milk. Now, 6 months later, I am working as a barista, and I see it is a lot more complex than I initially thought. He started me on a journey of becoming a coffee expert and a professional barista. I think the only reason why I got employed as a barista is that I had completed this course and I had a certification of it. I cannot think of a better instructor than Neil because he helps you carrying out every process from making an espresso, to texturing the milk correctly, not only from a theory based knowledge but he helps you to put the theory into practice."
Miklós Balázs, Southport, Lancashire

Thank you very much indeed for a most enjoyable and instructive Barista course. I found the training to be well delivered,easily understandable and most importantly the results were great. I am able to produce a cup of coffee that I am pleased to present to my friends and our home is now consumed with the wonderful aroma of excellent coffee. I learnt so much and I am grateful to you for imparting your knowledge so freely.
Laurance Roobottom, North Wales

Just wanted to thank you for the latte training - really enjoyable couple of hours and very instructive. Looking forward to practising the skills acquired when our kitchen refit is finally completed.
Patrick Savage, Preston, Lancs

Thanks for the training the other night, it was fab. The training was more than I anticipated and I left enthusiastic about making coffee and thinking about a future in the retail of coffee. I loved your pace of delivery and the knowledge you imparted enabled me to understand more about the world of coffee. I really appreciated the science of coffee making and the lesson on the equipment used and the variance in quality was fascinating.  Thank you for an interesting and relaxing evening, I would definitely recommend the tuition to anyone interested in knowing more about coffee or wanting to set up business in the coffee trade.
Simon Smith, Macclesfiled, Cheshire

The welcome to the evening was warm and friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed throughout the training. The training itself was well paced and informative giving me ample time to practice the various techniques needed to produce good espresso and textured milks for a variety of drinks. After the course I received a certificate and an excellent set of notes that included all the information necessary for continuing to produce first class coffees.
Lee Armstrong, Newton-Le-Willows, Cheshire

The course was a generous and highly enjoyable hands-on introduction to the art of the barista. I appreciated the trainer's passion and the obsessive attention paid to the many minute details that make up a good cup. A very useful experience in both taste and theory, as you get the chance to prepare and try out the most popular espresso-based drinks and also to clearly understand why you just wasted some of the finest beans. I would also note the strong emphasis on responsible brewing and the moral obligation of not sacrificing quality in favor of flow. 
Liviu Alexandrescu, Lancaster, Lancashire

I learned a lot on the course about the importance of the quality of the coffee beans and about how they are ground can change the quality of the final product, the course introduced me to new drinks I hadn't come across before and increased my love for coffee and I can't wait to explore different coffees and methods.
Lewis Mobey, Rainhill, Merseyside

Thank you so much for Sunday afternoon, it was very informative and I appreciated immensely you sharing your knowledge and passion for coffee with me. I promise to keep practising my leaves! although I think it will be a while before I am as good as you, if ever! I take away my new found knowledge and skills and will use them to hopefully improve my business and keep my customers happy and coming back for more! Thanks again.
Bobbie Foster, Wirral

Thank you very much for taking me through the basics of preparing espresso and milk based drinks last month. I very much enjoyed my afternoon and have been telling my colleagues all about it. Your enthusiasm and attention to detail were inspiring and it's certainly made me think a lot more about what goes into making the perfect cup of coffee. I've begun experimenting with my coffee machine at home and am enjoying trying things out. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to anyone!
Andrew Reilly, Stockport

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