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Specialty Coffee Cupping / Coffee Tasting Experience

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Coffee Cupping / Coffee Tasting Experience

Our coffee cupping / coffee tasting experience aims to give the coffee lover an insight in specialty coffee.

The experience covers the following aspects;

  • A brief introduction to specialty coffee and how specialty coffee differs from commercial/ commodity coffee served in the High Street chains.
  • Basic coffee varieties
  • Coffees of the world
  • Brewing basics
  • Coffee cupping / coffee tasting

With coffee cupping / coffee tasting, we won't be drinking lattes and flat whites. Adding milk to espresso disguises the natural characteristics of the coffee itself, so when coffee tasting, it will always be black.

You will be tasting coffees from different continents and countries, savouring the fragrance, aroma, flavour, body, aftertaste and sweetness.

Our coffee cupping / coffee tasting experience is a great opportunity to meet like minded people. You will have FUN!

The experience takes place in our coffee shop in Rainhill in the evening between 6.30pm - 8.30pm.

Scheduled dates are as follows;

::coming soon winter 2018::

Tickets are xx per person (inc vat) and can be purchased here. Tickets are strictly limited.







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